Bergmeister hubs: Can they take 7" or 8" tires?

Hi guys, I’m wondering if the Bergmeister wheels can take 2x7" or 2x8" tyres?

I like the look on them, but prefer larger wheels…

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I think it has been mentioned before that they cannot. I’ve never really messed with pneumatics for esk8 so im not sure. I know @haggyboard.timo is back online now so maybe he can weigh in :smiley:


Usually tires/tubes match. As long as you have same inside tube diameter and same width. You might be able to get it to work. Inside tube diameter being the most important.


The question isn’t about tubes and tyres, it’s about hubs and tyres…

Has anyone tried to fit anything other than 45x145 tyres to the Bergmeister hubs?

Tires/tubes/hubs they all go together.

Tell us the inside diameter of your tube and someone who has bergs can tell you if it fits the bergs rims.

or where you got your tubes.

You can’t get anymore generic then what you initially said. That’s like me asking you “Do you know that movie with that guy and girl?”



There are a couple of standard tires that you can find on taboo and Alibaba that fit the Bergmeister wheels…but your skin will itch and they smell pretty bad…


@haggyboard.timo Are the cheap tubes/tires any good?

@ZachTetra: these bigger tires work…but you have a greater rolling resistance (their contact patch is also much wider) …
but I am sure that there are also high quality tires out there and folks on this and the other forum have used alternative tires on the Bergmeister rims. :slight_smile:



Question: How do porcupines have sex?

Answer: Very carefully.


What size are those Ajax tyres (or reference)? Can’t really read the lettering on them…

6x2 inch

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Is this because you want to use eLofty with 7/8" pneumatics? If so, pick a tire and I’ll design an adapter for it which you can get 3D printed.


Gents I’ve tried these tires. They are wobbly on the rim because of tolerances in manufacturing and some are larger than others. They are also just not a very balanced rubber.

Wobble city unfortunately and likely dangerous.


What do you guys set the psi to?

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I am about to complete(kind of on hold since I am only riding elofty DD these days) 1000km on my belt board and now 1/3 of the treads remain on rear and 2/3 on the front. I should rotate them right about now. So I am guessing at least 700km more is left on those tires. Can’t complain about function but Bergs are definitely sexier.

BTW, do people have any idea regarding how long do the Bergmeisters last?

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hi @mishrasubhransu:
this would really depend on the type of terrain you are riding on. Here in Taipei, we are a bit spoilt as we are having more than 3000km of pristine bike tracks, most with super smooth tarmac…

I have to admit that most of you guys would consider my riding style more like that of a granny…and I have gotten about 700-900km on the back tires…

I believe you could get easily 500-600km if you really abuse them… But don’t take my word for it…I believe others such as @topcloud @Linny @Riako can provide better feedback.


So the life of a set would be about 1200-1400km if you rotate I guess, that’s pretty good… Timo, do you know, off the top of your head, what is the thickness of the treads?

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