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Bergmeister 60t pulleys for kahua trucks

Anyone selling a set of bergmeister pulleys for kahuas/haggy drive?

Mine are getting beat up and id love to replace them. Even an STL for these would be fantastic, assuming I could print em should anyone have anything handy.

I’ve tried contacting Timo but no luck :frowning:

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Are they the two piece pulleys?


Same on my replacement axles. Seems to be getting set up still maybe?

unpacking or som

Sorry, yeah It’s the two part setup he sold with the full kit, the pulley part with the bearing inside is starting to get chewed up a little bit

@Fosterqc I thought Timo was all done with selling new stuff - or are you referring to him unpacking spare parts and what not?

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Cool! I’ve got a pair of that half spare. Ping my your address, I’ll send em to ya tomorrow.


hell ya, I owe you like a million times more now than I already did. You’re the man!!

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He just made a post saying to email him for parts.

Ahh yeah I saw that one, I emailed him following that post as well. He must just be busy with other things at the moment I suppose…

Hoping you get your axles sorted. Did you snap one or something?

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I sold my spare truck’s axles to someone who’s bro crashed their board and bent them

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That must have been one heck of a crash these are some beefy hangers

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just the 8mm stepped part bent,full throttle into a curb I guess