Belt question? Help?

Does anyone got Boardmanics Precision XL Motor Mount? I am confused on what belt I should get. I don’t know if the owner told me 325 mm, but I can’t remember because I lost my email. So I decided to ask him again. He told me 350mm. Once i got the parts. The motor mount doesnt match the website pics. I copy the design on my computer to find the center to center point and the overall length. C2C is 100mm and overall length is 172.31mm.

My current setup is 36t for wheel pulley and 15t for motor pulley. Im afraid i ordered the wrong parts again. I dont want to bother the owner for all my mistake. It’s my fault.

That sounds about right. Do you have it all installed minus the belts? If so, run a string around both gears, mark it, measure length of string, and you’ll have belt length you need.

Im missing parts so nothing is install yet. I want to see if somone has the same setup as me so i could order it and complete the build in one shot.

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Who sell these belt? Any website?

idk where u r in this world, maybe put that in ur profile?


Aliexpress has tons of belt options if you don’t mind waiting a couple weeks.

If you need it in a hurry:

idk dude, if u need it fast for usa maybe vbelt?
if u don’t care about speed, u have option for 2months aliexpress



Well I’m in a hurry because I couldn’t ride my board for almost a month bcuz I’m

Im ordering right now.


I thought we hated these guys and liked vbeltsupply instead.

Nah, vbeltguys is a bit cheaper

Did we? I’ve always picked up belts there.

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that’s why i said vbelt instead :rofl: idk who we hate these days, can’t keep track when i only taobao


I remember a few users having bad experiences with one. I just remember that I have a bunch of vbeltsupply stickers so they haven’t done me dirty yet.