Beginner Question Thread! 2023 Edition

Thank you, I did check and saw all the Gnd pins on the esc were shared continuity so I assumed Gnd is Gnd no matter where, and I did search the swd and saw it was used to unbrick esc using another esc.

I would assume inside the throttle control box is just some simple hall sensors. Which is why I lean towards adc signal, the old esc was not vesc based so it didn’t really have any usable information to transfer over, it was votol, which I understand is a pretty good unit and popular on electric dirt bikes and scooters, just not the specific unit I purchased, but of course I didn’t know which unit to avoid until it blew and I dug deeper into them.

The build is not really dedicated thread worthy we just took an old beat up destroyed by a hurricane rusty flooded MotoTec and rebuilt it, my son is 9, he loves the bike and it was good on 48v but I wanted more power haha 72v blew the esc even though it was claimed to be designed for that. I suspect I purchased a clone that they skimped on quality parts.

Good to know, hopefully you get it fixed up. Unfortunately most cheaper esc don’t state the usable voltage after removing the headroom necessary for voltage spikes and such. I wish the usable voltages were more conservatively estimated so choosing the correct components was a bit less obfuscated. Even if the product is a cheap knockoff it would make diy and repair much more affordable without having to smoke test components.

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Hi guys,
I’m new to the forum but I was hoping someone would know someone who’s a guru in these 4.12 OG FocBoxes. I’ve been working on getting the CAN working again which was successful until I knocked off and lost these two caps in the process from the other VESC.


I can’t get any readings off them but I assume since they’re for the crystal oscillator they’d be in pF, before I buy an LCR meter does anyone know the values or have a PCB schematic? Are they even important or can I improvise?
Cheers guys.



Does this inductance difference indicate that there is a problem with a phase?

Alright, I’m going to try not to ramble with unnecessary context this time


Today I learned that I may have broken my 12s10a charger. I have 3 12s chargers including the broken one.


I’m hoping to have 2 functional chargers during carve SEA, preferably 220V capable.


12s 10a C600M (won’t turn on when plugged in)

12s 0-12a (functional)

12s 5a (functional)
(Came with my eovan, could be generic)

It seems that my C600M is set at ~110V, if anybody has troubleshooting advice to see if it’s repairable I’m incredibly open to advice or if somebody else has experience and knows if it’s switchable to 220V I’d love to hear how. I believe this is the same OEM as SKP/radium chargers so I’m hoping somebody else knows more than I do.

Based on context, I assume the adjustable charger is switchable to 220v after manufacturing but it does seem like wherever that switch is, it’s only supposed to be accessible to the seller rather than the customer. I’d also love to hear if anybody has advice on finding that.

I would guess that my 12s 5a Eovan charger doesn’t need any switching to configure for 220v given the “input 100-240v” label but I’m not confident enough in that guess to plug it into 220v power before somebody smarter than me can comment.

If all else fails, I can probably ask one of the neat folks at carve SEA to bring a spare charger but I’ll try to be independent first by crying for help here :grin:

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Looks to me like the evoan 5a charger willl do anything just fine. Im going to try and do every ride at carve this year and im bringing a universal 18a charger so if that’s not fast enough i got you :kissing_heart:

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i need a backpack for my evo, its heavy any suggestions?.. :grinning:

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Can someone please post the wiring for the stormcore switch? I just wasted over an hour trying to find it to no avail. Thanks.

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The switch port on the esc or the switch itself?

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Switch itself. That diagram is everywhere but me no find no switchy switch shit.

Even a pick of the wires would suffice

Ahh I got you.

I bought this guy as a replacement and it worked for me. Best I can do without ripping out open my enclosure.

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That worked. Thanks, g.

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Can somebody help pls.
Snapped a cap off of my foc box . Purchased a replacement , same spec but looks smaller .
Will it be ok and which leg is positive ? The longer one? Thx

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The striped side with the - symbol is the negative leg.

Same size is annoying but should work if the rest of the specs match up.

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So I had a random thought today my Evo build sits lower in the front than the rear because of my adjustable baseplates and the angle there set to. Would it be worth adding a spacer and leveling it out? Is there a handling difference?


what trucks are you using

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Bn270’s with the BN adjustable base plates.

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