Beginner Question Thread! 2023 Edition

Thanks, Pedro!

I feel more educated but a bit overwhelmed, lol! I wish there was someone local who could assist, but it doesn’t look that way…I almost feel like I should just buy a completely new pack as painful as that sounds. Sheesh…wish it was as easy as building computers :rofl:

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Well holla back in here once you get the voltage readouts and we’ll help diagnose it. Hopefully its something easy!

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Thank you! If you want to check this out, this is my manufacturer, and apparently, there is a way to test the battery without tearing it open!!

Perfect, thats exactly the process. Nice he has a video up for that.
To add to that, a cell way out of balance is more than just a capacity issue in certain scenarios, it can become dangerous if its caused by.
P42a’s are notorious for aging very closely, its quite rare to have a bad/drifting cell. Usually it ends up being the pack construction(usually loose welds) that causes the misbalance.

Getting the group voltages at a couple different states of charge(soc), will help diagnosis.


I appreciate your further insight. I’ll report back sometime this week with some voltage numbers. Thank you for all your help tonight—I really do want to learn, it’s great to know people like you take the time to teach.


Yes. Seems much less overkill than barley paper . Here’s a link .

When it comes to battery safety, over-engineering is most welcome considering the consequences for a poorly constructed pack. I would never build a pack without ample fish/barley. Erring on the side of caution when it comes to Liion is not only smart but potentially life saving. Tbh, I’ve never found fish to be much of an impediment when pack building.

Does anyone have remote suggestions my vx2 died and my vx1 is missing a reciever. Anything quality for <100 range?

Also has anyone fit a 12s5p in a century 40 ss enclosure? I think it will fit in the ~ 22 x 7 inch space, is there a resource to use to visualize the pack size? I was going to use 21700. I am hoping to have space to run the cells horizontal to the deck in a 1 x 30 (x2) configuration.

Hey @PedroMcJimenez & @Pecos, im back! Here are some voltages to report per your instructions. Fortunately, my pack allows me to check out the voltage of each group through a cable that connects to my BMS. These values are all from my completely charged battery–would you suggest I take these values in another way?

Group 1: 4.2V
Group 2: 8.5V
Group 3: 12.8V
Group 4: 17.1V
Group 5: 21.4V
Group 6: 25.7V
Group 7: 29.9V
Group 8: 34V
Group 9: 38.2V
Group 10: 42.5V
Group 11: 46.5V
Group 12: 50.8V

so…if we do some maths:

Group 1: 4.2V
Group 2: 4.25V
Group 3: 4.26V
Group 4: 4.27V
Group 5: 4.28V
Group 6: 4.28V
Group 7: 4.27V
Group 8: 4.25V
Group 9: 4.24V
Group 10: 4.25V
Group 11: 4.22V
Group 12: 4.23V

I hope this helps! TIA!


This seems pretty good, group 1 is throwing the delta off pretty good and i personally don’t charge past 4.2v as a personal preference and balance delta to within.025v. It looks like you are hitting the highV cutoff because of balancing but not too bad yet.

When you have it to fully charged like this and let it rest - does the bms stay warm? If it does then it’s balancing and you may need to just let it sit like this for a few days to see if it can bring the pack back to a good delta. Otherwise you could get one of the jbd smart bms (like $20ish) and swap it in to keep an eye on it. The jbd doesn’t balance faster but the Bluetooth lets you check on progress.


I haven’t tested feeling the BMS after a charge yet. It’s been super rainy here the past few days, so on the next nice day, I will take a reading with the battery not fully charged and then check the BMS temp.

Would I check the BMS temp when it is unplugged but fully charged or battery on/off?

When i make a new pack, after fully charging the first time, the bms will feel slightly warm in my experience. The other way to tell will be to take the pack to its max soc and check voltage without disconnecting it, then check the values 24hrs later to see if it is balancing. Your pack is getting close to a full 1/10v delta so it will take a long time to balance so be patient - could take a week


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Does anyone have a list of different wheels that are compatible with the 2024 NYX Z1 gear drive?