Beginner Question Thread! 2022 Edition

What is your pick and why?

  • Torque Boards 110mm 74a
  • MAD Eskate 105mm 72a
  • Momentum Comfort 105mm 80a
  • Other (please comment)

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I really like the Momentum Hollow Pros

What is the difference between comfort and pro?

idk, I’ve never heard of the “Momentum Comfort” before

I own a set of Hollow wheels though. Pro version.

I’ve never tried the momentum wheels but I have had these and I really liked them and I haven’t heard anyone say something bad about them. They are on sale for black Friday, the code is, “fridayblack10”

Slightly different rubber formula. Comforts should have more durability from what I can tell, but slightly less grip.

I have both but haven’t ridden the Comforts yet. You cannot currently buy comforts though, because he had some delam issues. they are being fixed and are on preorder for February

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Thanks for the share

A question like this cannot be truthfully answered unless we know what you’re optimizing for.

Are you optimizing for price, comfort, range, reliability, or appearance?

Haha, digging too deep. Just want to know your preference. It is for a fuck-around board. Don’t care about price, range. Looking for quality, performance. I do like the momentum but hesitate for classical thanes. Share anything you like. :skateboard:

loaded otang dad bod

In that case I would get the MAD 105mm Wheels

Or like others have mentioned, there are some other wheels you didn’t mention. Zoobomb 111, Dad Bod.

But the Dad Bod and Momentum wheels are extremely new and I don’t think there’s too much feedback yet, especially for the Dad Bod wheels.

What about reliability?

Some small pneumatics would also fit your criteria of {high comfort}, {any range}, {any price}, {any appearance}, {any reliability}. Like maybe the Hoyt 5" would fit your criteria.

The MAD Wheels don’t get flats though and just always work.

This is for my f-around board, which i want it on solid wheels. There’s another project ongoing, inter-city commuter, which will be on NKP-150mm stooge that may finish on 8" tires…

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What are people thoughts on these MakerX 6354 motors? seem like the old flipsky ones before they battle-hardened them

i know bugger all about what makes a good motor tbh, so any motor scientists feel free to chime in :+1:

Do it :smiling_imp:

What happens if I keep increasing my max motor amps setting in VESC? Is the temperature of the mosfets the only danger? What about motors, if they’re bellow a dangerous temp can max motor amps be further increased?

Make sure fault timeout is around 85ms (instead of the default 500ms) so if it cuts out, you probably won’t loose your balance and topple.

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Why does the switching on an antispark blow up the gates but the gates on the phase drivers are fine even though they have so much more abuse?

Because it’s not acting as an inrush limiter. It’s turning on to full blast instantaneously.