BBenclosures new and old stuff....(serious)

I do.



Just saw this thread got revived, the Omakase enclosure looks amazing! If it is at all possible, could I also please purchase 2 black ones from the next batch? I am willing to be patient for the quality work!

My contact email:

I would also be down to purchase battery packs bundled with enclosures if you offer that, although not sure if that would be possible to ship to the United States. Please let me know thank you!


Sorry just saw this. Ive already agreed with Lee Rad that hes gonna throw a pack together for me but will shout you for the next one for sure.
I know youre a busy man but was just wondering the lead time on the enclosure?
No rush of course, just so i have an idea of time frame

Thanks again

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Where are you from?


Lee makes great batteries. The link is to our Apex shop though, where we sell EMTB batteries. :wink:


Thanks @BigBen I don’t have a Kaly SS enclosure only DS

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what build specs do you have in mind? I’m planning a build with one as well.

Hey Ben, how soon can you ship me this enclosure to the US ?

What is the biggest 12S P42 battery you can fit in there with space for a Maker X VESC?

Looking forward to your reply

He would need an info for what deck you need enclosure for…

What enclosure are you looking for?


@BigBen have you ever done a switchblade 40" enclosure?

No, Alan has one though. I made a couple of different ones for the 36 a long time back.

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Hey Ben, hope youre good. Any update on ETA of an Omakase enclosure?
Need to give Lee and idea of timeframe so ge can do my battery.

Thanks in avance



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Loaded Omakase

What’s the biggest battery I can fit under there with room for a VESC

@WAVMOB There’s a single and a more porky one.
The single can fit a 12s3p 21700 with Daly bms and dual esc. The fat one can fit 12s5p with possibly an LLT bms under the esc.


Hey Ben. Hope youre go9d. Remember yoy sayingyou coyld post out the loaded omakse today.
Let me know how to send you payment and will forward you Lees address.
thanks in advance
My mobile is 07986943733

I’ve just sent you a text!

Hey @BigBen I have a hummie double stacked that I bought here. Plannig a 12s6p w 21700 cells. Will I need a gasket? If so, how thick? TIA

Is it the really wide one with the short tail? If so you are fine. If it’s the medium one with a longer phase wire tail then you’ll probably need 5-8 mm gasket as this mould was made before 21700 was really a thing for us. Any clarification, give me a shout.