battery voltage ok down to 3.6 from 3.7V last fall?

So I bnought a biunch of Molicel p42A batteries for my build which i’m doing now. Issue, maybe? Is that I bought them last fall and they showed 3.7V on the multimeter, now all of them, but yes all of them, show 3.6V? Do i need to charge them fully before i spot welded them, back up a tenth to 3.7. no, right, then when done with pack I will ultimately charge fully when the full batery pack is charged? am I ok in continuing with the batteries showing at 3.6V on multimeter? thanks!

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does your multimeter only show 1 decimal place?

better to weld while lower, potential shorts are less scary

Cell voltage wont make a difference to pack building, just get a better multimeter that shows you more than 1 decimal place

Batteries self discharge very slowly, this is normal. And it’s a good opportunity to check for bad apples that discharged faster than others.