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Battery that wont take a charge

I have a 10s6p won’t take a charge. Didnt check the initial voltage when I bought it from psychotiller. Charged it when i bought it, and the this week I put it in the board.

I hooked it up to the Unity set it up through the guided set up. It ran on the bench well.

Rode it 4-5 miles as a test, Now when i went back to charge it charger light is on green never goes over to red.

The charger that came with works on another battery so its not that.

When I hit the power button the unity only partially lights up. The only way the unity powers up is if the battery is hooked up to the charger.

When it is hooked up to the charger the motors spin but not at full power. And when i disconnect it the unit completely shuts down.

How do I test it to figure out what the problem is
My feeling is it is a loose wire that got disconnected when i rode it which is why it wont charge.
But what is the mechanism that allows the board to be powered up while plugged in but not take a charge?
Any help is appreciated

your bms is probably bad if it wont’ take a charge. that’s if you’re wiring is all correct.

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Any way to test that?

read this thread from post 670 onwards.

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to me that bms looks like the smart Bluetooth one, if it is hook it up to your pc and check for errors

I read ot all, and I dont want to follow your example. That is way too frurstating and problematic.
If this is a BMS problem shouldn’t i just send it back to psychotiller?

I had this hooked up to a Unity but I can hook it up to my PC to check for problems

sure, if you can get in touch with him :hugs:


I have no idea what that is honestly, but there should be a usb type port on it somewhere like a few sizes bigger than the micro usb on your phone

dont do that. He’ll take over 6 months just to reply you.
Fixing it yourself will be way less of a headache and faster

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Did you happen to check the connection to the charger? There should be full charge coming out of it.

Sometimes if the connection is broken in the output of the charger it just stays green, this happened on one of mine

if your attitude is it don’t work send it back buy a boosted board. You could at least test the p group voltages for all you know you could have over discharged the pack and the BMS is doing it’s job and stoping a dangerous batry been charged.

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