battery sliding around in my carbon deck

Hey guys random question my battery slides around in my carbon deck . is it OK that I used hot glue to keep it in place or is that a bad idea to do that

Fill it with foam or use a Velcro©®™ Based material to lock it in place. Good double sided tape works but might be a hassle to remove


Dual lock

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Use silicone instead, absorbs vibrations better and dsn’t come loose. Its abit of a bitch to remove if you ever want to replace the battery but thats kinda the point

Duallock if you have the space, Velcro if you’re hurting for space, VHB grey if you’re really stressing about the height

A little goes a long way if you have some foam on top adding down force

If you fill up all the extra space with hot glue it should be fine. I just wouldn’t trust it if you are only trying to use it as an adhesive. Not the best thing to use but it shouldn’t be dangerous :person_shrugging:

Like others has said, if you have the depth for dual lock velcro, use that. Silicon glue would work much better and won’t just pop off like hot glue after a while.

Tip for gluing packs to deck/enclosures, add an extra layer of heat shrink over the pack so when you need to remove it for any reason, you can just cut off the sacrificial layer and easily take out the battery without potential damage from pulling and flexing.


I currently have hotgule in there if that dosent hold up i try double sides tape or silicone

I also wanted to mention that i used a lot a lot of hot gule