Battery: sanyo 15a or 30a model cells

Was looking at sanyo cells for maybe a 10s pack.

I see 2 models.

  1. ncr 20700, 4200mah, 3.7v, 15a
  2. 2070c, 3500mah, 3.6v, 30a

Is there a big difference specs wise? Would it be worth paying an extra dollar for possibly more range/speed (mostly range on 10s) or just stick with the 15a model?

I have the 2070c in a 12s 2p pack for my hummie haya, still setting it up so I haven’t really tested them but if you are going for a smaller pack (less groups in p) then do the 2070c and if you are doing a larger pack (more groups in p)go for the 20700

Thinking 10s5p or up to 8p flat pattern.

I would go with the 20700 if you are going for range but if you want insane torque or if you are going 4wd go with the 2070c

Ill keep that in mind

20700B’s are a great cell. if you’re running 5P+ you’ll be capable of 75A batt which is generally acceptable as enough unless you want insane amps for uphill racing or something.

Think im aiming for a 10s7p