Battery building/welding service uk

so i have some batteries which i want to get spot welded in the uk
i was chatting to a guy on ebay who has 100 molicel icr 18650m batteries for sale
they are 2800ah and 5amps discharge i wanted to use them as a range extender for my current 12s pack

so i was looking for someone in the uk to do 1 of 2 things for me

  1. he can spot weld 2 12s4p packs and i will do the series connection and bms etc…

  2. he splits the cells with me and also does 1 pack spot welding

i will obviously pay for the service
thanks a lot

preferably uk people but eu would work

Please read post 6

@Lee_Wright might be able to help you


hopefully if he can that would be awesome

I could help if you are not in a rush (finishing uni exams in a month and don’t have the time until then).

I’m in east London. You can find examples of parallel packs that i’ve done before in my Long Range Commuter build thread.

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yeah not in any rush at all

really i would like as much help as possible with battery building
i am in north west london

are you i nterested in the cells or not really?
i can happiluy wait a month especially if you can also help with the soldering side

So bit of a change here is a si read mor won batteries I think I will stick to someone else building

However since I am the U.K. and have the cells I want I think it would be most efficient to have a U.K. builder

If anyone in the U.K. can build me a pack (I will supply the cells ) I will pay up to £100 to get it built

Thanks a lot

Honestly at this price i’d throw in some money myself and buy a welder. I’m temporarily using reinforced battery clips and it’s not the most efficient use of space

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I would love a welder problem is I will only ever need to weld 2 or 3 packs

How much does a decent welder cost and also I would need to find someone to split a welder with me that way I don’t waste money

I only need it for 1 pack and neither buying a welder or paying someone to do it save me any money.
I think there was a thread around here with welder reviews? Gotta look

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You say 1 pack now give yourself 6 months and you will have 5 boards

Normally i barely have time for myself. I doubt that between work and home i’ll be able to come up with more projects. Really, only need one

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So I at this point will even take welding done really want to make this battery and I think I can just about manage the balance cables and bms

If anyone has the please pm
@Lee_Wright I think I pmed you before


If anyone wants to get a welder to split with me then I will happily do that also

Buy cells from reputable stores :+1:

Bargains go wrong 98% of the time, run that gauntlet if you like I suppose

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Thinking about it now
I just sold my 3d printer cause it wasn’t getting enough run time

So got money to spend and I think I might buy a spot welder and learn how to go slowly especially since I have time due to Covid

Thanks everyone @BillGordon I think you can close

Thanks for the heads up though

Might get some 50e from fogstar

What cell has the best wh for price?

Hello dude

I only build complete packs and I only use cells and materials I purchase. Ive got my hands totally full at the moment though, sorry about that but I have 5 batteries and 3 builds in at the moment as well as trying to quickly build my CNC table in anticipation of the machine arriving next week!