BARRIKADE: 4WD Hybrid jumper

After a huge number of revisions and a lot of pestering far more talented builders and designers (sorry to @ShutterShock @ApexBoards @jack.luis @Boardnamics @fessyfoo and probably a bunch of other people who are on here with totally different handles), I settled on this for a relatively bare bones V1 version and started this thread! A lot of things on here are honestly pretty sub-optimal, and I’d love feedback on what I can change HOWEVER

DISCLAIMER: I already bought all the parts and I’m a hard-headed asshole who generally learns best through failure. I buy stuff that I know probably won’t work just to try out new things, because I’m generally hilariously inefficient at everything and I like to lose money. My build list is gonna look super weird because I bought a ton of shit that just DOES NOT WORK and I figure it’ll be good info if someone like me ever reads this, so I’m gonna go through a bunch of the parts choices I made that turned out to be catastrophically stupid.

The ultimate goal for this build was to have something that didn’t feel like absolute dogwater for on-road and occasional light track riding, but more importantly had the chops to tackle technical offroading and mixed terrain. I think I’ve done a really good job setting everything up in such a way that this is feasible, but I’m also a gigantic fucking idiot so I guess we’re gonna find out.

Look upon my misfortune and laugh as I attempt to build the coolest thing that’s ever hospitalized me.

For the boring people, here’s an actual list of the final-but-not-final parts selection. The fun shit is down below though and you should definitely read through the raw chaos I endured to get here. Final component choices will be listed in bold in the breakdowns.

Boardnamics AT Gears > 3DServisas Gears > Jump Drives

Initially, I bullied Kevin into giving me a discount on a set of 4 of his AT gear drives, but one of my riders needed a drivetrain so I let two of them go at a bit below cost. Around this time, I was trying to find a set of Apex trucks for cheep cheep and wound up buying a set from @Brently that happened to have a set of Servisas strapped to one half of the assembly. After trying to figure out if it was possible to frankenstein two gear drives with different reductions together like a suicidal maniac, I ultimately decided that I was way too horny for a set of Jump Drives so I just slammed the buy button and grabbed four of those. I did this two days after they went to a once a month shipping model, and wept bitterly for like 26 days straight. Tragic.

MBS 2 in Oil Slick > Apex Air
Around the time I started this project, I developed a highly neurotic and possibly sexual fixation on Oil Slick finish. I decided to purchase the MBSII in Oil Slick and design everything to use as much slicky oily as possible. Anyway, turns out MBSII trucks require a fuuuuckload of hand sanding to get the Boardnamics collars (mounts? IDK what the proper term is) on securely, and quite frankly I’m just way too lazy for that. I also tried Apex trucks for the first time around this period, and decided I had to have them. Shout out to @ShutterShock for making me spend more money, and shoutout to @Brently for the fat discount on his trucks.

Boardnamics 6355 190Kv Motors
Dead simple, sealed, super cheap, and I got to hang out in Kevin’s garage and touch his stuff when I picked them up. Perfect for a V1, but I’m probably going to swap to 6374 in the back based on early feedback about minimizing torque steer. These should work just fine for now though.

Riptide Krank
It’s uh… it’s Riptide. I have a line item in monthly budget to remind me to send money to Brad. I have a mason jar filled with Krank Formula bushings and at least twice a month, I think about how much they look like meaty fruit loops and wonder whether or not they’d taste different in a bowl of milk. I like RipTide okay.

Haero Bro > Trampa Wings > Trampa Big Boi with Wings

The question that I get asked the most when I talk to people about this build is “wtf bro no Haero?” so allow me to explain. I really like the feel of the Haero, but I fucking hate the way it looks. The Haero deck looks like an inbred snowboard. If it was a person, it would be a dude named Craig who exclusively eats slim jims and drinks vape juice. I do not know why the Haero Bro fills me with rage, but it does. So I picked the Trampa Wings deck because I think it’s pretty and I’m an idiot. In keeping with that idiot theme, I forgot to measure between the wings and it turns out the original flavor is too small. Lesson learned, price (literally) paid, onward and upward!

Secret sauce by @ShutterShock
These were generously made for me by Ryan and I have zero idea if these prototypes are open for discussion, so I’m gonna shut my notoriously fat mouth about what makes them special until he gives me the go-ahead to discuss the stuff he’s working on.

12S8P Molicell P42A
This was also made by @ShutterShock but he spent like ten years on it so he could milk it for three youtube videos and a livestream :joy:. Nothing too special going on here, but it’s well made and I’ll definitely find a way to electrocute myself on it in spite of that.

Trampa Ratchet Bindings > MBS F5 Bindings
Ratchet feels like an understatement; I loved the way the Trampa bindings looked, but I very quickly realized that riding in them for more than an hour made me want to saw my fucking feet off with a rusty bike chain. As such, I swapped over to the MBS F5 and have been very happy with the extra cable routing options that choice has given me.



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i’ll get you a remote, i got some spicy bits coming in?, sometime this summer

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Haha ya you can post pics just no details on the special features yet.

Nice build thread! Can’t wait to try this thing out when it’s done. Minus the trampa deck but at least the wings make it somewhat rideable.

I appreciate you unknowingly letting me milk livestreams on it lel

To be fair. I said 8 weeks and it was only a little longer and let’s be real. It took you 2 more months to get off your ass and use it so it all worked out.

AND I’m offering a free “solder your charger connector in the parking lot” service! Not everyone gets that :wink::wink:

Great build thread kyle! Look forward to riding it when it’s complete

Hey this is my thread only I get to throw shade in here :clown_face:

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i’ve ridden both bro and trampa with wings, imo they both feel great to ride (trampa is heavy tho)
and trampa bindings need a wide footbed deck and you have to adjust the strap angles and the footstrap angle but they can feel just as good as mbs ons

nice build :)))

@Evwan blows goats

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