Ball Dragger | Pantheon Nexus | Cast Ronins | Kegels /TB110 | IdeaTB mounts | Savage1 pulleys | Dual 6355s | 10s3p P26A | FSESC dual 6.7

Now this one is gonna be a unique one.
An esk8 on drop thru and a drop deck?
Oh boy. Lets go.

First up, the battery. I used Alan’s loaded vanguard enclosure for this. Built a 10s3p P26A pack.

After i finished the battery, my friend came over with his board. It’s originall a manual set up, a Pantheon Nexus with cast Ronins and Kegels. He gave me a challenge of electrifying it so i thought long and hard, and decided to go with a top mount enclosure for clearance. I positioned the enclosure i wanted, and outlined it with masking tape.

Inserts placed.

Electronics tidied up.

Enclosure hole filled and sprayed.

And then the pulleys finally came! Shipping hoo ha happened and it was the last item in the puzzle.

The problem with my parts choice is that yep, i went with the good shit, but this involves some machining to fit as i am using cast Ronins, a truck that has no extended axle. So i removed 12mm of hangar from each end, and also machined the Kegel pulley on the edges so it sits into the core more, giving me more width space. We’re trying to squeeze dual 6355s on 15mms here, so i needed as much room i could get.

@IDEA was only able to CNC a 2D rectangle of the clamp profile for me, and as the Ronins have an enlarged longer rectangle as the hangar reaches the center, i opted to filling the hangar to fit the clamp instead of filling the clamp.

Yea, this was how little room i had.

Getting there!

Look at how CLOSE the pulley is to the mount. I had to turn the face of the pulley by a bit so it can sit closer to the mount with about 2 poker cards of space.

Cleaning up the wire works.

I had to route the wires via the top, and opted not to do a ‘over the shoe’ style wiring like MTBs are, just to prevent any accidental foot yanking. So i had it go directly on the deck, and used silicone. I did consider having it route from the bottom of the deck and then via a hole into the enclosure, but because the deck was going to be so low to the ground, i got worried that the phase wires might get yanked below also. It might not be a problem if a bigger wheel is used say 100mm+.

And it’s done! This is a fairly unique build as i have never built a board that is this low before, and riding it for the first time felt… well… nice!
The phase wires feel surprisingly alright and in fact, maybe made the deck feel better because i kind of made a W concave?

Here are my ESC settings.
Motor Max : 70A
Motor Brake : -70A
Battery max : 80A (40A each side)
Regen : -15A

Also, this is the first time i rode Ronins and i can see why they are a popular option for downhill. The extra ‘pivot support’ or ‘queenpin’ makes the board feel very stable and turns well at the same time.


the enclosure will hold up if the deck start to flex?


Wow, awesome job, it actually looks a lot sleeker than I expected with the top mounted enclosure. It would only look better if you route the cables under the deck, but I don’t know how much it would weaken it if you punched a hole through the middle…


I love this so much Linny.


The deck is fairly stiff actually! And also i used 15mm thick EVA foam as a gasket so that will give it some wiggle room


I did think of that… but because the deck is so low to the ground i am worried the phase wires may get scraped or yanked. Hence i did it on the top and did not route the deck, just glued it to the top of the deck with silicone so itll act as a ‘W’ concave. Now the problem is that the griptape has a wrinkle where the wires are… still looking for a eye pleasing solution

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I love you too Al


Cant believe I’m saying this, but something like the trampa wings? It can be 3d printed and epoxy to the deck

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I used thickened epoxy to do the same thing on the madness build. Vicious grip conformed over it nicely

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Could work too! A gentle triangle profile on each side of the wires to make the transition smoother.

Now if only i had CAD skillz… i suck at 3d modeling, i can only make things with my hands


Your craftsmanship has inspired me and many others. I would be honored to work out any cad solution for you if you think it would help the aesthetics.

Giant. Pot leaf. Footpads.

Aka Linnypads


yes! the drop down / drop through revolution is here. I accidently stumbled into two similar builds myself…

BTW, where did you find that GX16 to 2.1 charge port adapter?

Super interesting build man nice job

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This thing looks dope as fuck

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Duck yes to top mount lunch boxes. Duck yes.



This is actually a 2.5 to 2.1 right angled adapter actually. I got it from Mouser

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Okay! @Venom121212 came thru and helped me model this out. I gave him dimensions on paper and the madlad did it in less than 10 mins.

I printed it as a flat wedge, makes things easier because i will heat form it to the curve of the deck.

After a ton of sanding…

Better! Thanks Justin!


You shaped that so nicely to the deck! Well done :clap:

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Dig the build, I love how low it is!


Thanks guys! First post has been updated with text and how i did da things. Enjoy reading it!

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