[AUS] Variety of FREE / CHEAP stuff (shipping ww)

G’day gentlemen, long time no (activity?). Got some more stuff to get rid of. Not open to trade offers, can ship internationally (except batteries) but prefer local.

LiPo Batteries
4x 3S 5000MaH
FREE (pickup only)
Has been sitting at (hopefully) storage voltage for like 2 years, so not sure if they’ll be any good or not. But, if you’re willing to take a chance for some possibly good LiPos, they’re free if you pick up. Comes with a series adapter for all 4, probably shit soldering work though…

OG FOCBOX with somewhat rusty ass bolts
Used for f*** all time!
Price: $150 AUD

Caliber 2 Enertion trucks painted $50 AUD, evolve wheels $50 AUD, 170kv motor $100 AUD
All highly negotiable prices

Battery Display
$10 AUD (negotiable)

Technically, you must include a starting price on any OBO items on this forum

Fixed, cheers

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mate!! I’ll take the remote
Message me! :grin:


How’s the haya!

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Auctions/best offer not allowed. Need to set a price.



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@lox897 this is correct.

You need set prices (that can be negotiated, but only downwards. The only exception is if someone willingly wants to pay more))

If you list the focbox for 50$ obo, it is 50$ or less.

So please rephrase your listing.


hi - Jet Spud deck is still available?

Thanks @xsynatic , all fixed now. Cheers as well @BillGordon

Have an offer for $100. Available if you can beat that


Is that dollarydoos or yanky bucks? Seems like a decent deal on a spud

Its a good offer… you should take it

Welcome back Lochie

Thanks mate

Cheers brother, appreciate it

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All in dollarydoos

Deck and remote now sold, original post edited. Help me get rid of the rest please!

Are you selling the wheels separately or with the board?

Selling them separate