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AUS - Maytech 6374 group buy

Just gauging if theres any interest from people in aus to groupbuy some maytech 6374 170kv motors?


He’s SK3 all the way, but you never know.


Not me personally but there are a few more of us now on here so might be a good idea.

@glyphiks @Marsen @moone @malJohann

to name a few. What do you guys reckon?


SK3 for me, until I maybe someday go sensored (unlikely). Hard to beat the price / quality / availability.

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Are we related?


I would be interested in 1 for a single drive im doing

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Yeah id be in for a couple :call_me_hand:

Edit: no branding would be :ok_hand:

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no problem what would everyone prefer ? sealed model?

Potentially? :laughing:

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I prefer the look of a sealed motor

Yeah sealed motor for sure.

@Kram720 you want some big boy motors for your new unity? I know a dude who can hook you up with 63mm mounts for evolve

Have you been in touch with Maytech? Maybe @Eileen or @Agnes_Maytech can give us some options?

Havnt made contact yet just gauging interest. Looks like we will have enough interested though.

OK so I just got a price back from Agnes. For 10 units we are looking at $89.90 each. I’m still waiting on a shipping quote to Australia so will keep you posted


Obviously that’s usd aswell

OK guys just got a the quotation we are looking at $163 per motor landed to Australia. I can take delivery in Western Australia but it would make more sense to get them delivered to another state if there’s more than a few of you living there. (save on shipping costs)

If you guys are happy to proceed I’ll get the ball rolling.

163 is in Aud by todays exchange rate

Im good for 2 and got a mate good for 1 here in VIC

What size is the shaft?

I need 8mm