Attempt to fix FSESC 4.2 Dual plus (flipsky vesc)

Turns on and one side detects on that side you can control the motor via uart on that side. Side A has no leds and metering the port its obvious all is good except 3.3v is dead on that side.
My first thought is the tiny 3.3v regulator is dead.

Indeed no output on output pin v+ has a health 5v+ my idea was to swap the chips but before i did i tested the enable pin. 1.8v on working side but 0.8v on the dead side this leads to to think of a fault in some of the passives feeding the enable pin I was under the impression you used a few caps tied to gnd for this pin?

I emailed hgtech the company that makes all the flipshite electronics still under warranty?, after a month the asked to upload a video indeed i did after a few mire weeks they said because protective plastic was removed warranty was void. I pointed out i removed it after the failure to see if I could see the fault, 2 months several emails later still no reply i decided to attept the fix myself. This is not my first dead vesc and my success rate on repairs is around 50% and what have I too loose.


I have $10 for you to buy a new VESC with.


Wtf? The clear heat shrink removal will void the warranty? That is stated nowhere. You atleast have to cut holes in it to use the plugs. That is ridiculous you have to keep the shrink wrap on. Last vesc I will buy from flipsky.


LoL thanks mate I am going to use some of your SS stuff today in a battery build.

Thanks again. Happy New Year.
Whats more I like the challange. Looking at FS tech under a microscope is a bad idea you see how shody hand soldered tech can be.

Yep depends on the tech I have had more luck with them in the past FS only warranty their vesc for a month just to cover doa. If you buy from hglrc its 3 months, but dealing with them is a pain. FS have better customer service that HGtech\hglrc. Most of the issues I have has are blown AS switches easy to bypass no blown dvr chips yet.

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Chances are the STM32F405RG is dead, shorting 3.3V to ground.


I had a sneaky suspicion that might be the culprit i found some dodgy looking joints on one side (repaired bridges maybe)

I lifted the 3.3 pin of the regulator it was putting out 5 volts. Dead short then i tested the leds on that side - fried. Over voltage likely killed a good part of this side of the board. Its the parts bin for you lad.