Attempt at a first build focbox, 10s3p, 6380

So I just decided to try a build, I have purchased a few items but lurking and trying to figure out the rest.

I’m not going for speed, just a proof of concept type thing.

First. I’m tall and fat so let’s all keep that in mind.

I really like the DIY concept of building a vesc, but figured I’d buy one first. I have the skills for SMD reflow(I build quads).

So my parts so far are a focbox, 6380 and I’m planning on making a 10s3p 25r or hg2 battery.

I’m thinking of some calibers or clones some abec 's, a 40ish" drop through deck, nyko kama and 10s bms

Tell me how is this looking.

I’m looking for pulley sizes and thinking about a15mm belt.

I live out in the country so this is mainly a toy not a motel of transport


Welcome to the forum!

A few things I’ll comment on:

  • samsung 30Q are better cells to use instead of 25r; it’s the most common cell people use here. HG2 is a good choice though, can’t remember if it was down to cost or cell lifetime as to why people go with 30Q more often.
  • If you live out in the country, you probably have bad roads / no asphalt at all. Perhaps going with pneumatic wheels like Bergmeisters is a better choice than Abec wheels?
  • You can use esk8 calculators such as the one linked on this forum’s blue banner line to see what top speed and acceleration you’d get out of different pulley and motor kv setups. For single drive, a single 6380 motor is a good choice :slight_smile:
  • Start by first finding a deck and enclosure big enough to house your battery and vesc; it’s a common mistake to not being able to find an enclosure for a already purchased deck, or having a deck that doesn’t allow the hardware to fit.

Good luck! Keep us posted with what you end up going with :slight_smile: