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Are you a top speed guy or an acceleration guy?

Let’s start a healthy discussion here about the top speed and acceleration power of our board :smiley:

I’ve noticed a lot of pre-built boards focus on top speed nowadays like the Backfire/Wowgo etc :thinking:

I personally don’t think top speed is a very important aspect for my board as I travel at the speed of 20-25 kph on my short commute to work :+1:

What say you? Drop you votes and comments below so we can all discuss together :smile:

  • Top speed all the way !
  • Acceleration is KING !

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Why not both? Acceleraation and top speed is good.


I need both depending on my mood


I am all about top speeeeddd. I am a total noob at riding any kind of board, but the adrenaline I got from going 37mph on a board was unbelievable. There is something awfully cool about going so fast. The tuck position reminds me of a car putting its spoiler up.


Yeah wtf kind of question is that even lol, how do I remove my vote


Haha no doubt that’s the best combo but in reality they affect each other due to the law of physics :smiley:

For my discussion is more of "if you have to choose, which one is more important"

Lol like i mentioned earlier, it’s more of a "if you have to choose, which one is more important" kinda question LOL


I’ve recently grown to love raw power on acceleration, but I still voted top speed. If the question is fast acceleration with low top speed vs slow acceleration with high top speed, then I love fast, and if I had to have one or the other I’d rather be able to go faster if I wanted to.

Really the best is tons of power, fast acceleration and go fast.

After recently scaring the shit out of myself by jumping off the board at 40kph, I’m planning on slowing down. Acceleration will now be king!


Maybe it´s just me, but that sounds like it doesn´t fit well together


37 is the warm up😏


:thinking: Yeah…

To be fair tho, I only ride when I gotta test my products. It’s ONLY for science…:smiling_imp:

You are right. Btw I saw your video about your Trampa. You could get Elastomere dampaner from E-Toxx Jenso. Then you have no rebound. Mail him about that. Back to topic. I love actually raw power for acceleration.


third option: range. If you don’t have to take a break because of leg cramps, does the ride really count?


I like both but end up being a top speed guy because acceleration can be scarier and dangerous.

My boards tend to not work right the majority of the time and hard acceleration + cutoff = streetface. Plus slower acceleration saves battery. Gotta get those full 30 miles out of the pack.


I love the fact my board has both, atleast from my point of view. I need to go fast, ALL THE TIME, but I ain’t gonna wait to get there. If I can’t reach 55+km/h fast enough, then I’ll be taking a turn or having to stop at a light and lost all chances of going fast.

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I have my board geared relativity low for lots of low end power.

Im a big guy and personally dont think its a good idea for me to ride above 30MPH. But i like having that off the line acceleration and being ably to cruze at any speed up any hill without even noticing. Obviously you dont want to be too slow but i feel that 30 is enough for me. Stops me doing anything stupid.

Also in Paris on the tight street track having high top speed was useless as you cant use it. Accelerating hard out of corners is what made people quick around the track.


Didn’t someone with a single motor do really well? I remember hearing that

yeah i think there was one guy with single settup who did ok. some evolves were also competitive with a good rider.

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Yes :heart: