Are those high mAh low amp batteries worth a try

Btw 30q is also on sale

40T is the shit bruh. They are awesome

He is talking about the Sanyo NCR20700B and the Samsung 50E.

You would have to have an extremely large P Group for them to be practically.

Lacroix uses 20700b on DSS50, it’s 10s5p and has more range than DSS60 WITH 10s6p 30Q.

By large p do you mean more than 8? I kinda wanna try a extreme range with 8p that would be 40ah

Would be less discharge than 30q with same P but far more range. For plain road, more than enough. For hills and off road, maybe not so good

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8p with the 20700b would work that would be around 120 amps.

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40T looks really good but 20700B has better mah/$ even than 30q, hmmmmmm

or the max amp draw on the esc turned down to the cell’s capabilities.

yea you won’t get the punch high discharge cells will get you, but if you’re willing to sacrifice high burst rates, you’d get pretty decent range out of them.

i’m leaning on high capacity 2170 cells for the short deck build comin’ up.

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I already bought 60 hg2 cells from them the last time they had a sale. Thought it was a steal at $4 a cell. Now I’m sad as the sanyos are on sale. Debating buying the extra 12 and going 12S6P HG2 . I beleive kaly’s use the sanyos and they get crazy range with plenty of power.