Are these 30qs definitely fake?

So ive just received a shipment of guaranteed genuine 30qs that look like this

Compared to a cell from NKON that looks like this…

The main difference is in the shape of the 3 and from what I have read, this is a common sign of a fake.

I have contacted the supplier to see what they have to say about it, but gut says fake.

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do they both have same weight?

what about ‘legs’ on + ‘button’? are there 3 or 4 legs?

however, I would test them in flashlight or something and compare if there is big difference between them.

if you have some smart charger which counts mAh, you can test with it too.

How does the positive terminal looks like and the top part in general?

Everything else looks the same apart from the stamping. Have no way of testing capacity right now. That is my next step


Maybe unwrap them. Most off the times cells have some extra prints on the shell itself. Don’t know if the 30q has that.

Ive emailed the supplier and ordered a capacity tester. :man_shrugging: dont wanna unwrap in case i need to return them

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