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yes charging all the way, then when it goes to zero it quits and I had to jump off and it was deader than dead. Its a generic battery. Not sure about cut offs?

Are there some “mystical” exacaliber batteries filled with rainbow unicorn tears that will double my distance at least and still keep dimensions of a 10s2p?

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It is really hard to know unless you know what cells are in your current battery but a Samsung 40t or molicell p42a 10s2p would prob do the trick.

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Have you checked the voltage after it’s “dead”? It might be the BMS cutting off rather than the battery actually being empty.

Also generic batteries generally have crap capacity and low discharge current.

A 10S2P of 30Q cells will probably vastly improve your performance over the generic pack.

@M.Hboards Either of those, being 21700 cells, would be bigger than a regular 18650 10s2p pack.

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My battery guage looks like a second clock lol when I floor it it dumps 20 then when I stop it clumbs back up maybe 12 points. Ive got an extra 3.5 inches I can go length wise. Otherwise its double stack and 1.65" of clearance

I havent checked voltage after it dies only ran it out once… I can feel it be less peppy around 25% battery left

That’s one thing I like about the LiFePO4 packs, they feel just as peppy (non-noticeable sagging) until they are at about 4% then they die super quickly. A lot of times I want that, when I’m staying in the downtown grid.

If I venture further away I definitely want a slow gradual and noticeable decline so I have time to get home if needed.

I also just got done converting all my boards to have no more battery gauges. At all. On any of them. Been running a lot of them that way for a year and I love it. Can always use a pocket gauge or bluetooth if needed, but almost never need to.


A far more convenient and elegant way is to see the voltage using the vesc_tool or metrpro app on your phone with $10 nrf51_vesc dongle. Ah oh, you can program both the ESC’s from your phone too without having to open the enclosure.

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Yes, sometimes I use the Ackmaniac phone application as well but some boards I use don’t have bluetooth.

My most reliable one doesn’t, and taking apart that board and changing stuff seems foolish considering it’s been in the Mississippi river and still works fine.


That sounds like the standard problem of generic batteries: high internal resistance (lots of sag), and low capacity under load.

I can’t really recommend you too many fixes other than get a better-made battery made of better cells.


No kidding ordering that tomorrow!

What is a good source for nickel strips? What do you use to glue a P group together (hotglue, JB-weld, sikaflex)? What’s a good source for fishpaper? (I generally prefer supporting small shops if they have good shipping policies)

The best place I have found to buy fishpaper in the US is

Yes, I know the site looks straight from 2002.


I guess this one should do?
I won’t need 25 feet though. Might anyone have a couple spare feet lying around or wants to split this?

Thanks! The early 2000s webpages are the best. Reminds me of when you could edit the HTML and define your own price, like a negative value. Lol

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Check out the battery builders thread. Also search for ‘sourcing nickel strip’ there is a whole thread with reputable suppliers. Doesnt mean you shouldnt test your nickel once you get it though


I use the 5" wide stuff, but whatever you need…

How do you use 5"? Seems like it’s too much for a single 18650, too little for two or for wrapping it around an end to the other side. Hmm


Those are some massive scissors!
I guess I would want the battery corners also to be covered, but if best practice is just the side, then 2.5" will do for me too. :slight_smile:

I use the roll the other way than you’re thinking. I cut like 70mm off the roll and wrap that piece so the 5" is the length of it.