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For final cutoff? It’s fine. A tad low, I would suggest 2.9 per cell. Once you go below 3.0, there’s really not much power left anyway.

I have my 12s cutoff starting at 38.4 and ending at 34.8 and I feel like most people would say that is on the low side.

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Yup. Sound advice. Don’t know what the cells are. Good Deals Thread

Haha, my other board (Zhong) with Ownboard ESC and hubs has fabulous brakes in comparison to this one… yes, I need a VESC.
The only regret I have with Zhong is to not have bypassed the BMS - Braking on a full battery, it will cut off the brakes, sending me to to street.

Why do you want the battery in a backpack?

Now I am trying to imagine a backpack in a battery… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Don’t know mate. Considering doing something different. Have you seen this? Morpheus | Backpack MTB | Refined Commuter. Just looking really. It’s in an auction site. If it’s cheap I might bid


Feel free to ask whatever you want. I’m test riding the latest iteration with Unity tonight.

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Yes and it’s in the red zone. Don’t discharge that ANY lower and slow-charge it at once until it’s over 36.0V

Bro, that thing is TINY, XT90 for scale.

I’ll try it in the next few days, thank again :hugs:


After unscrewing the adapter, nothing changed. Also, the screws are pretty short and it seems that the place where it screws in is protected by steel. I don’t think it can go far enough to damage anything :

I have access to the motor bearing, but I don’t see anything unusual. The wheels bearing are working perfectly.

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Also, you can find stainless steel keys on Amazon.


Yeah, the power density on some of those DC-DC converters is just stupid high.

The craziest one I’ve found is a thing called a Bus Converter from Vicor - It offers fixed ratio (4:1 or 6:1 Vin:Vout), Bidirectional DC-DC conversion from 36-60v in and up to one hundred and thirty amps output, with a power density up to 2.7KW per cubic inch. That’s better than any gas guzzler engine even if you cheat and go by displacement rather than the whole engine.

Only downside is they’re $400+ each XD

@Trampa is is possible to get custom anodized pieces done on request. For example your bullbars?


No, they are as they are. Sorry.


@NoWind is is possible to get custom anodized pieces done on request. For example your bullbar bumpers?


Hi Dude
it is possible, but problem one is that the 7075 dont like many colours, really hard sometimes to match with excisting colourwish… problem two is you need a MOQ of around 150€ per colourchoice.

Wich colour you want?
How many parts?


is it urgent to change that now or will my battery still be ok

it used to be set at the 36v end cuttoff but i was told 34v is fine

If it was any lower it’d prob be urgent but I would not run it that low again

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so talked to my battery builder he says bms eitherway has a discharge cutoff so should be fine

You can get away with 34v but be aware that then number 1 way to increase the lifespan of your cells is to keep them as close to nominal voltage as possible at all times. So discharging to 2.8 then charging to 4.2 continuously will give your batteries a significantly shorter life than discharging to 3.2 and charging to 4.0 .