Aps 10mm 6384 pulley keyway problems

Anyone had any issues with aps pulleys and the 6384 10mm combo? I can’t seem to force the pulley on over the keyway. The slot in the pulleys look really badly machined

And also sensor and phase wires are far too short! I had to salvage from old motors to get make them long enough.

Just use the set screw and place it over the cut out of the keyway plus red loctite. Should be more than good.
If you want to use keyway non the less, dremel the keyway a bit to your needs.

The sensor wires are short, but probably the least problem of this motors. They also sell adapter cable on there website.

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Are these motors bad quality? The shaft length is also very short, not impressed at all

I first needed to brake 3 of them to understand what they need to work well.
they have a good power output and as for me they work great after i battle harden them and changed bearings etc.
they probably a bit more loud than other motors in FOC as well, but that´s nothing I care about.

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Took your advice and used the Dremel to shave of about a mm from the key.

Seems to be holding up ok, will perhaps take them apart and “battle harden” them as you suggest.

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There is a history of lose magnets or as min retaining rings over time. One of my motors broke down during first time motor detection… you never know with aps motors. One batch can be great and the next already bad.

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