Anyone intrested in cnc services? 75-150 usd 30-75

Hey recently began making custom files and cutting them out. I sold a table I made with the CNC cutter last week just a feeler to see if anyone’s interested in me doing part-time CNC cutting asking about 75-150 for me to design file and cut it 30-75 if you have the file already im also willing to trade :grinning:


That’s what I call a workshop.
@Flasher Look you have competitor.


I dont own it but you can do alot with it theres more too open 24/7

Nice shop you’ve got there. Got details on the cnc? I’m looking to add one. I convinced my boss we “needed” one to finish contracts faster :stuck_out_tongue:


@Flasher I’ll check the brand name but i belive it was 10’000-25’000 dollar zone can do soft metal all wood and steel if you buy the right bit

That’s not too bad of a price. We bought a high end panel saw last year for 250k. So I dont think I’d have much trouble swallowing a 25k pill :slight_smile:


Do you know Linck? They make mashines for sawmills. In Canada is a sawmill with Linck technology. They are the leader in this industry worldwide. I work there as a trainee.

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I know their machines but we dont have any of them. We rarely work with logs

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My arm hurts from sawing with the hacksaw.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I can say in a few years, I build them for America. Maybe there be a time, there I’ll be in Canada… Btw. Did you see my pm?
Back to topic. This would be a great service to the community, Micah

You speaking to me? If so, dont have PM from you.

What size limits for the price?

@Flasher I am speaking to you. I resended it.


Is that a Co2 laser engraver I see. Also what type of files do you need for the CNC if we had a file for a design?

Anyone interested in CNC services, made a spaceship lastweek


Seriously though you need to show more than a couple pictures.


Yeah like maybe some previous projects, quality of work, etc

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Also would price Chang did we designed files ourselves

A 5D Mill from Mazak? Could be around 300-400k-isch. Nice.


Co2 cutter / engravers are so cool! Actually it’s fun managing to craft stuff.

And that’s nice shops you guys got!


yes price is negotiable its so high because of the time it takes for me to make a file.
if you send the wood/metal and make the file i can do it for around 30-75


have any technical questions ill check em out when i go to the shop on tuesday