anyone got an opinion on these matrix 2 radium adapters?

Want a set and im tired of waiting on radium’s to get back in stock…

Moon makes great stuff, but not sure he’s actively selling these days. I’d try to get in touch first to make sure. (Sorry, unable to give feedback on your question.)

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If you can get them (from Radium, or whoever) they are worth it.


yea ill prob just pick these up. Should be just as good as radium’s offering.

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Has anyone tried 3d printing some adapters? Not as idea as some Al machined of course…but curious if there’s a file floating around somewhere

I’m sure there’s a file around, i remember someone doing it

@xsynatic has one I think


This is what I was thinking of, may not work for riptides

Kind of. I designed them back in the day to get the ride even stiffer. They fit the shockblocks but no idea if they fit Riptides. Also: Just buy properly made one, don’t use mine. Probably not worth it, though i ran mine for multiple years without issue.

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