Anyone fix vescs?

I’ve got a couple flipsky 75100s that have problems and one thats broken and pile of old vesc4

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@jaykup does, hit him up


Do you have pics of the one that blew up? Was it the mosfets?

I wonder if the 100v mosfets were replaced with 150v if that would work better with the 87v lifepo4 pack. I’ve only seen one capacitor go bad, everything else has been mosfets, gate drivers, antispark stuff, and mcus… so I think it’s the motor causing voltage spikes at seemingly random times that are keeping the mosfets open, leading to a shoot through situation when the other side of the half bridge is turned on. I don’t have any data to support that though (yet)

But all the “industry” motor inverters that I’ve looked at, from power tools to scooters to forklifts, use more like a 50% margin for the mosfets.

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I couldn’t see anything on the top board that was burnt and I figure it must be a fet on the hidden power board on bottom unseen. I’ll get under there and send u a pic. Even if some bits needed to be replaced from the very start that’s not so bad.

Would u be interested in checking out these other two that stutter if I do anything over half throttle?

I put ur firmware on all of them. Would I still need to do some of the flipsky requirements like turning off filters and 250 amps max?

The motors I use with these only do maybe 60 amps before saturating anyway so maybe I should just stay to the flipsky firmware?

I just need to get an esc that can do the 87v full charge. Considering they all break when at full charge I think that’s the issue.

I end up programming the amps to 140 so as to get it to put out 60. Which brings me to a my long-time question why full throttle doesn’t get to the max amp settings?

I need a low current high voltage esc