Anybody here put metal hubs/pulleys on Lacrox Barrell?

Thinking about replacing the MBS plastic hub

You should be able to use most mbs pattern wheels, provided they have a 28mm bearing seat.

That would include newbee, new mbs, etc

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I think most if not alll of the MBS rims have a 28mm bearing seat. Any other recomendation for a rim ( the MBS rockstart2 aluminiums are tough to beat ),???

I cant believe lacroix wouldnt put metal rims on even their “entry tier” boards (jaws2.0 , barrel, nazari)

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28mm bearings are stronger anyway, I wouldn’t put anything with a 22mm bearing on a board with large axles unless absolutely necessary

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CNC machined rims are expensive. IMO it’s better to have some good cheap rims as a starting place, and then let people customize to their own desire.