Anybody have access to a vinyl or laser cutter to make a decal? (US)

Hey everybody, I’m beginning to prep my new LY eco 36 for stain and frit but really want to add a decal top center. I like the falcon logo on the bottom so would like to preserve that top side. Question is, who can assist me on the vinyl cutting side? I no longer work in graphic production facility so don’t have access to the machines but know how to set the file up and send it somewhere. Thanks ahead! :call_me_hand:

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I got you man. My wife has a map of all the places she’s shipped to and Hawaii would make a nice addition!


If you dont figure something out we have a large vinyl cutter with 20 or so different colors.


Sweeet :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand: I’ll get that file setup sometime today. Appreciate it bruddah! Do you have yellow or gold vinyl options by chance?

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Oh yeah, we’ve got every color you can imagine. I’ll send you photos in a few.

I picked up some of this the other day just because it was so shiny

images (3)


Have you ever tried wrapping your wheel hubs with vinyl? Like this guy does on his rims.


I imagine thatd be a huge pain in the ass lol so many contours!!!


Sorry I’m slacking on photos of vinyl, I’ll pm you tonight or tomorrow early.

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No hurrys no worries my friend, I haven’t started to setup file yet… what is preferred type of file for your cutter: pdf, eps, tiff, etc?

Pdf or any image format is fine my dude

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Die cut vinyl is the shit! I haven’t made decals yet but I do make masks for spray painting a lot with it. That’s how I did this one: