Any good online CNC shop in USA?

I have just finished a CAD file for some clamps and motor mounts and I wonder if there is any online shop that could make me a couple of units.

Usually CNC machine shops makeonly bulk orders not small quantities, but there must be someone outthere


You could ask @akhlut?


Also looking for one out there who does a good job for reasonably cheap

Based in the Eu but don’t mind importing if it isn’t worth it




China will probably always win on prices. They can also do 5-7 day air shipping for not too much for small clamp sized parts.

Not right now with the whole virus situation, but just fyi

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I think one of the bigger Problems is getting a file.

I want a clamp for the tb 218mm trucks but there is no “accurate” file available.

I mean i created 2 different clanps for the truck but only have it 3d printed, not sure how it would work if it was machined

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I don’t remember where I read about

Or I’d hit up some hobby CNC groups on Facebook some of them have pretty nice set ups and are retired machinist with lots of free time.


My main problem with that is that I don’t know which companies make good solid products and which don’t

Also never sure about what metals to use or sizes and stuff

SO still got to work it all out

Any idea how one would start that process? Even for single or small volume orders?

If you don’t know about metals or “sizes” designs are basically worthless lmao


If you know your part specs and tell them, almost every CNC machine can make it more precise than you need it to be.

Also cheap china guys probably won’t want to dick around with english speaking noobs.
“What specifications tolerance/materials/endbits/etc do you require?”
“uhh, what options are good?”
recipe for instant 2x quote XD

Some local CNC places have guys that’ll help you out, but there’s a reason why they charge what they charge


Does anyone has any link for chinese suppliers?

All us cnc shops I’ve contacted have been muuuch more expensive than Chinese shops.

The process generally just involves sending them the step file for the designed part along with a technical drawing like this:

They will either ask how many of the part you want made or just give you a price breakdown per quantity ordered.


Several right through aliexpress

What you need making. We still not fully return for work but we have hundreds of cnc machine can helping maybe.


Need to consult a shop or designer. I’m a noob in this space, but you definitely need to have an understanding of cnc, tool pathing, materials etc.

Example: upload a small model to 3D hubs and see the cost of something with fillets everywhere that would require 3D contouring. Price can be super high just because you used fillets instead of chamfers- and that’s if you got that size and taper correct

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I could send you the DXF file, it’s a long motor mount designed Surfrodz outwards mounting

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Can send me step file and drawing?

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You don’t have anything local? I checked a while ago in China and the shipping kill the deal

That’s cus for a lot of lower level applications fillets are for casting.