Any Enclosure Makers in Australia?

Whilst I sit here and eagerly watch the tracking page of my motors and trucks shipment from TB’s; I need to order an enclosure that will fit a 12s4p battery.

I have seen a few decent enclosures from people on the forum - eboosted for one - is there anyone located in Oz that I can order from?

I’d like to try and order stuff from within the country to help the local makers.


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@danieloath is trying to get it going. prototypes are coming

Nice nice I wanna make a couple boards straight up so I’ll happily try/buy prototypes.

I am also trying to get started with fibreglass enclosures, so far Ive made one successfully :rofl:

What board/s are you gonna be using?


Nice! I currently got a 41" Santa Cruz drop thru. Had this board already before I found the esk8 scene, so next board will be something that is chosen specifically to become electrified!

What state you in?

there is always the classic ikea enclosure

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Im in Vic mate, you?

Also ive got a decent board library… ive possibly got a deck that is similar…

Qld, what board did you make that for?

Thats for an evolve gtx. Pm me some photos of your deck and we can try work something out.

Oh Nice, what battery did you fit in there?
Do you have a picture of the underside with the electronics?

@Jebe 10s5p 30q, and will fit a flipsky dual 6.6 and a DieBieMS in there too

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I am currently working on a custom moulded urethane spacer for the GTX/GT enclosures to fit a lot more stuff in.

Looks great!
I don’t bother with BMS anymore - caused more problems than they have saved for me.
I just check for drift once a month.
Have you used the flipsky dual before?

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Cheers mate, no i havent, this is my first build… but we are derailing this thread now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would be great if we have multiple stickies for builders per country!

I love perusing the forum, but sometimes when I need something, it would be cool to Be able to quickly see who builds what in my country.

@glyphiks are reading your posts on making your own enclosures and reading subsequent threads - this is one part of the build I will definitely not do myself…!


Sounds like you need a healthy dose of SOLIDEOGLORIA Modular Flex Enclosure!

They probably aren’t made anymore, they cost more than your whole board combined and the creator is a class A cunt but it’s an opportunity to spread this gold so sue me :joy:


Haha its a solid time and money investment to learn, but it is good fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: