Any belt drivetrain(dual) USA

Looking for a used dual drive train with front trucks for under 150$ Preferably no wheels and kegel wheel pulley

What kinda quality? Decent stuff for $200 if you wait a couple weeks for shipping from China, motors and all




Think i got a pair of 5065 150kv motors with pulleys im planning on posting for sale soom.

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I have a complete torqueboard setup with dual 6355 motors and 12mm belts, that I have been meaning to put up for sale after I got elofty direct drive setup running. I have gotten new bearings for the motor and will replace them before selling the set(will also make a video for reference). Might even battle harden them if you are interested.


What kinda pulleys?

15t 15mm i think. Gotta check. Not aluminum *

Ah I thought you were talking about wheel pulleys. My bad dude.

How much without the wheels?

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how much would you sell em for?

I gave them away last week