Amsterdam Demonstration Ride | 10 july 2021

Dutch ESK8 lobbygroup has announced a demonstration ride through the city of Amsterdam.

They have submitted the demonstration and are currently in talks with local police on the details. Keep an eye on the Facebook event for updates.

We are already a year on and it is still not possible to legally and insured drive Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) like the e-step, Onewheel, EUC or an electric skateboard on public roads. The Netherlands is now one of the last countries in Europe where it is still prohibited. So this is the moment to send another signal to local and national politics.

Previous demonstration:


Love the effort for your own and others future!!!


What’s the law about esk8 in the netherlands (i had to stop myself from writing cheese land) ?

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Let’s just say that every single thing related to esk8 is forbidden.
For one-wheeled “vehicles” there is a grey area, but cops don’t care and it is hit or miss when claiming it back after it sat for 3+ months

Some things get destroyed, some destroyed without warning, some are being sold after being told that they destroyed it, some just “vasnish”, some will be given back but then they discover is has been sold or destroyed already and there is the slim chance that you really do get it back.

You also risk a fine of €280-€350.

Basically; Shit is messed up.
But that’s what you get when the minister of transportation here has close ties with the bicycling lobby (Fietsersbond). Conflict of interest if you ask me.


Latest update:

The counter via the Facebook Event now stands at almost 150 participants. Many people without Facebook have also already registered via Instagram and this website. We also expect participants from abroad. The first registrations from Germany, Poland and Belgium are already in our inbox. We prefer to sign up via Facebook. Participation in the demonstration is free, but please sign the petition.

Just commenting here again to show how dumb this is, our demonstration has been forbidden by the mayor, police and public prosecutor’s office.

This route/plan has been approved almost 2 years ago years ago but then we cancelled it due to COVID.
Now they’ve told us we can’t go with 5 days left before the demonstration. While we inquired about it 1.5 months ago.
They said we could walk without our esk8’s (which is dumb because it makes the demonstration last even longer…)

It’s ridiculous, many people have already bought train tickets, booked hotels and/or have taken a day off from work…

I’ll still be there though!


That’s a massive disappointment. I can’t excuse the insensitive timing of their update, but I kinda see their logic: you don’t demonstrate your protest against an unjust crime by performing that crime en-masse. Imagine if paedophiles had the same idea! :flushed:

What would happen if we all just ride our boards anyway?

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Well, we’ve done this exact thing before in The Hague. And we did so in a safe manner, with police escort, several team captains that would keep people in check, helmets being mandatory and at a low speed.

Everyone will probably be fined or have their boards taken away. they can’t catch all of them but I don’t like the idea of people getting their boards confiscated while I might be able to get away…

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I know. And a very similar ride in Amsterdam, in fact.

It is shaping to be a walking demonstration. Still very important.

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Short recap video