Alternative tubes for evolve 6” AT

Does anyone know of a tube that is not from Evolve, but will fit in their 6” tire?

I’ve had a mind blowing amount of flats, I can not figure out what is causing it. I want to try a different tube.

I’ve bought many new tubes from Evolve

FYI don’t bother with arma dillos for tires with tubes, I can not get them to properly seal after many attempts.


I know @Venom121212 has some tube sites he like but they might be for 7in and up


Yeah all my sources are for 8-10" never tried the 7" before.


I ordered some that should fit from AliExpress, I’ll test them when they get here and post the link if they work.

Edit: they were 6x2 tubes ffs

I wondering about this too. Looking for good quality 6" inner tubes.

(choose inner tube)

if 6x2 will work.

Make sure there are no sharp edges around the base of the stem. That’s what was killing my tubes.

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can confirm 6x2 does not work

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So we have effectively 2 different hub sizes we use for pneumatics here:

  • Mbs, trampa, kaly, sunmate, infinity hub etc style wheels that have a ~100mm or 4" hub diameter

  • Bergmeister, six shooter, aliexpress/clever 6x2 style wheels that have a 71mm hub diameter

I have never seen Sunmate 6" / 150mm tires that fit the 71mm hub size before. All the ones I’ve seen are for the 100mm / 4" hub size.

6" Mboard wheels on Sunmate trampa clones on the left, 8" mbs tires on rockstar 2s on the right. I can swap tube and tire between the 2 hubs no problem.

We’re at a weird point where there are now 2 different sizes of 6" wheel for the aforementioned 2 different hub sizes.

Except 6x2 has a smaller ID than the InfinityHubs and evolve hubs can fit, having tried this myself a few days ago.

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I have sunmate 6x2’s on my infinity hubs and they fit just fine.


My mistake, I thought he made some smaller hubs earlier on and I didn’t realize the 2020s are the larger size (3.75 claimed but in that 4" fit category). I’ll correct the post.

I’m not gonna measure, but the ones I bought were described as 3.75 inch.

Currently rocking 3ds hubs and hoyt 125(?) tires regardless

3DS makes a hub for hoyt 5s? what’s the mounting spec?

also idk what 6x2 you’re getting on the InfinityHubs but the only way I could get one on was completely deflated and stretched

I’m not very knowledgeable on mounting patterns honestly, but I think it’s berg? It’s the same as the three holes around the kegel core on infinities, I can swap to infinities on that board without changing adapters but I haven’t done it yet. As for the 3ds hubs, I’m pretty sure they aren’t for sale yet, but you can maybe convince Artem to sell you some of his.
As for the 6x2’s, standard sunmate 6x2’s fit my infinity hubs just fine, Idk.

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I want to switch to berg mounting eventually but right now I’m comfy with all my wheels on kegel thanks to Anshul

I can’t rock urethane on my 3ds gears with existing parts. But otherwise, everything I own is compatible with everything I own. Besides my ninja hubs, but those are for the same future project as my purple unity and my Apex airs, I just got all that stuff on early black Friday pricing while I could.

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this is my esk8 grail. I wanna be able to kitbash everything.

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If it don’t fit my Legos, it’s megabloks, and I don’t fuck with megabloks.

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I was about to buy those. since the original 7inch tubes are 175x50 mm why are you saying the the 6x2 inch did not fit into 6inch tires?

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6x2 tubes do not fit evolve rims, at least I couldn’t get them to fit no matter how much I tried. I guess they might fit the tires if on the correct rims but the evolve rims are wider than the ID of a 6x2.