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IDEA Brackets
Bought last year, very few km with it, good condition. A few marks were the plates and deck were in contact:

Eovan 12S2P 21700 battery 9.6AH
This is the typical 12S2P battery sold by Eovan, Esk8Supply and Boundmotor last year
Maybe 10 full cycles, always kept at 50% charge.
Last time I rode it, It gave me 30 km range with my 70kg on TB110 wheels:

Homemade Footstops
Aluminium footstops, manually cut and sanded
Not perfect but looking quite good IMO

Chinese ESC based on VESC 6.0 with remote and metal case
Working well, except for the remote’s battery connector that may need to be replaced or soldered to the pins (It has disconnected one or two times, but is working fine for now)

BRICKED Chinese ESC based on VESC 6.0 with 2 remotes
This one may or may not be salvaged. I bricked it, you’ll need to flash it’s FW with a SWD
Two remotes without batteries
One is dead, the other is working but I don’t know which one so sending both ^^

EOVAN Deck, with two layer of Carbon Fiber added by me + SS Enclosure
Not a professionnal job by any mean, but could be cool for a first build
The Enclosure fits an ESC + 12S2P Flat Battery Not much more.

LANDYACH Switchblade 38 With Custom Veneer, custom grip job and FB Enclosure
May need some work but as a first try for me I think this one is not too bad

Slick Revolution “Rough Stuff” 110mm wheels
Abec style Holes, Slightly used, No bearings:

Chinese 105mm rubber wheels
Kegel style holes, No bearings
Rubber is brand new but I had to use a screw driver to get them out of my adapter
The aluminium is scratched on two of them (see picture)


@Niklas Maybe you’d want to give repairing those VESCs a shot?


I’m interested in the Switchblade

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Switchblade Sold to @rusins

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Can I have the bricked esc? I am going to build an extremly budget friendly stuff for my friend and I would be happy to mess arround with a bricked esc if it means I can spare some money.

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Wheels and working ESC sold

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Battery and Eovan Deck sold

If @blase doesn’t take it, I’d like to give the bricked ESC a try :grin:

Ahah, you’re third
Waiting for @Rinzler to pay for shipping :wink:


Just payed, sorry for the wait :grimacing:

Got it thanks

Only IDEA brackets and foot stops left


Thanks so much for the tagging, but I’m too late for the party I’m afraid

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Brackets are now 110 euros.+ shipping

All sold
Please close the thread @xsynatic

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