Adding protection padding to my daily outfit

I’ve been riding every day to work for the past 3 years with my full face helmet and nothing more. However, I want add now some internal padding to my daily outfit something that protects me from bruises on my knees and elbows but won’t alter the outside look of my uniform which consist of jeans and black jacket.

Is there anything like this on the market? Internal hardshell would be great but soft padding would also work


Not exactly what you asked but similar…

If you like the black jacket look, check out the Dainese d1. Looks like a normal jacket I would wear.


I was going to place the order online but I’m worried about the size not suiting me. I wish we have a store front here in Peru

Yes I do have prime but I’m located in Lima, so it’s quite cumbersome. I’ll waiting until my next trip to USA

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Chose one of these shirts

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