A bomb inside my house

What was going on in the head of the person that built that battery :flushed:

Glad it didn’t go up, best thing to do is dismantle it and isolate p groups, dismantle it outside tho and carefully


Just ship it back to the builder. :smiling_imp:


Do not use saltwater! It is a spectacularly bad thing to do. I have no idea why this is such a popular recommendation as the electrolysis that it causes eats away the metal and opens up the cells, creating a toxic sludge. It often doesn’t discharge the cells before this happens too. I’ve tested this, don’t do it.

Not sure you should even use a fan or some light bulbs either (for discharge) because if the pack is damaged then one or more cells could already be at a low voltage. Discharging the pack would force those cells down to a negative voltage. Li-ion cells really hate that and can possibly catch fire and/or burst.

Basically, you’re right. You have something possibly dangerous there without a good way to “defuse” it. Though it’s at a lower voltage and that is good. I don’t recommend trying to split it up as you could short some cells.

In my opinion…
You’ll have to keep calling around. Your town/city must have a place where recycled materials are brought or where things like refrigerators and large appliances are brought…contact them.

You’ll have to “safe” that pack…insulate the cells, keep them from moving, and pad the heck out of that pack. Basically, you have to make sure it can’t get damaged if it gets tossed around. Keep it outside, use safety glasses and gloves, be careful.


Ive seen it in at least 3 webs lmao. Thanks for your advice! My house really appreciates it!

I’m pretty sure I can isolate the p groups at least to make them more manageable, separating the cells is difficult as they’re soldered with tin instead of spot welded.

Will do, thanks for the advice!!


Can confirm. Buddy of mine who’s into RC planes tried the saltwater method with some Lipos and was left with this mess. I’m not sure what he eventually did with it, or if it’s just still sitting in the bucket, but he was looking for a proper way to dispose of this now toxic mess. :grimacing: @Battery_Mooch any recommendations?


It definitely a true toxic waste, with a dash of carcinogenic cobalt added in. He’ll have to contact either a local authority or recycling center, depending on his location. If he’s in a big city then there should be a general info number to call to get info on where to bring waste like that.

If differs by location, he’ll have to search.


That sucks, but thanks again for all the useful info. :+1:t3:
The scary question is what have all the people done with this waste that tried it, thinking it was some acceptable disposable method? I can only guess. :grimacing:

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Unfortunately I’m thinking that almost every person dumped it down the drain, not wanting to deal with taking it to a place that handles toxic waste. :rage:


Oh my god

This has got to be one of the worst, most dangerous batteries I’ve ever seen

I cannot fathom how much heat those cells must have taken from soldering on that much copper

Can’t believe it ran as long as it did


I mean, it is technically still running and the hissing sound dissapeared after i disconnected the charger so it would have continued going until a quick unplanned dissasemble eventually occurred.

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If you’re near the Hudson River, you can just dump it all in there. NYC Dept. Of Sanitation brings everything there anyway, and I’m sure Jimmy Hoffa would find that battery very interesting.


New England clam chowder.


What is that?

A bomb inside his house.


Apparently a battery you made.

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@hiboute told me you builted that. It was inside a hummie deck. I have the dm but I will not show it without consent.

The plot thickens


Drama incoming??

Not really lol, i just said what hiboute told me but I have no way of confirming his statements lol