8" Pneumatic PSI/Carving and Control

I haven’t ridden much lately, but am going to get started again (more regularly) today.

I want to get peoples opinions on tire pressure/control on 8" pneumatics for street riding.

Normally I run around 30 PSI on some aliexpress offroad tires (labeled “Nylon”), and rockster II MBS hubs ( max 50psi if I remember correctly).

While I like the 30psi feel, it definitely eats up my range. It was a while ago, but I upped the PSI to 40 at one point and I felt like I had less control and worse carving feel.

I’m trying to figure out whether I just need to log more ride time at the higher PSI or make some other adjustments.

I am running “L-faster” AT trucks (i know they are cheap, but they have served me well) on a trampa holypro deck with MBS bindings.

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I def feel 30 psi is a good sweet spot.
Road condition in boston isn’t stellar. I have enough slips over sand / oil / water / garbage juice / general bumpy roads that I will take the hit on range over lost of grip.


I’m riding with MBS rockstar II hubs and Kenda 808 tires. 42-44 PSI is my happy spot for range and carving.

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Yall are probably gonna hate on me but I’m running MBS 8" roadies and it’s on 60psi. I like it and I get like 13wh/km so I’m happy

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I set mine to 40PSI on the street with MBS T3 tires (rated to 50PSI), and that gives me pretty good efficiency. It’s a little slippery off road, but works fine on the pavement. The MBS tires are pretty soft too, so grip hasn’t felt like an issue, although wear definitely is.