6374 motor making weird sound, what do your ears tell you?

Long time boys! Put the hummie away fine and then broke it out a while back and all of a sudden the motor started acting up.

6374 190kv maytech hooked to a unity. The other motor is running fine, tried a new detection no dice, and when I ride it feels like a 1.5 motor build not dual or single any more…

Also sounds like cards in a bicycle spoke when ridden

Motor bearing is fucked, magnets are possibly grinding on the stator. Replace it and its gonna be like new.

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Pull it apart and take pics

meh… haha lol… im actually gonna sell this board to pay off some new fpv toys, toying with either replacing it with a cheap used one so it rideable as a complete (or not and they can add motors)… or parting the board which is last choice

Sounds like this. When you pull the bell off, you should be able to see some wear where it’s rubbing. Just remove, clean and secure the magnets with epoxy.

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If you wanna just give me the motor… :eyes:

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I just sold a member a set of these, I said “they are all good” I got a patient but upset reply that one of them was” fucked” after much stammering on my part he found a screw made it’s way inside? I’m sure this is no help, but perhaps check for it having invested some ferrous metal? Just a thought.

Taking the motor apart and replacing the bearings will take like 30min if you have all parts at hand, everything else is a waste of money. :slight_smile:

its been a long ass time since ive pulled a motor apart, getting it apart wasnt overly complicated but cant remember if the bearing was easily removeable or if it was seated in there… what do i need to pull the bearing if thats the culprit?

A hammer and some sort of pin. No point in being gemtle if its already gone. For the new one get a socket head thats the size of the outer ring and gently tap it in. Never hit a bearing on the ring thats not under load.

Looks like one of the magnets cracked, or a piece sheared off, didn’t find anything in the stator anywhere…

The bearings sound quiet if I I spool them with the shaft lightly installed =\

Look for a new can?

Replace magnet, is that easy/possible?

Next step? Thx

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If u seal the exposed part of the magnet w glue should be good.

but was this the thing making the motor make the sound tho? no shrapnel in the can so im still wondering on that front

You tell us. Slide it together and spin it again.

Maybe clean all the magnets w duct tape


I’ve had a similar issue. I removed the magnet, cleaned under it really well with a scraper, and secured it back into place with Epoxy.

These are also rubbing marks, but somewhat standard on outrunners. When you reassemble, you still have to check the clearance to make sure that part isn’t rubbing when free spinning.

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Thx, what’s yur recommended procedure to removing a magnet?

look between stator and magnets when assembled and you can see if the gap is there or rubbing.