6374 motor keyways

As the title suggests anyone have 4 motor keyways for a 6374 motor 3x3x20 (I think)

Thanks a lot.


Check ace hardware, they sell keys for gas mowers that could be cut down to fit.

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@torqueboards stocks them

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Ohh yea man I know he also always the go to. But they ain’t shipping for a while :slightly_frowning_face: I know Flipsky has some… but I’m sure the shipping will take forever.

Appreciate the response.

Might be my last option. Thanksss

It’s pretty soft metal, not hard at all to cut with basic hand tools. File and a metal saw could get you one in just a few minutes.

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I’m that case. I actually have a power saw around here somewhere. I guess it can finally be used lol. Thanks for the tip.

You can buy key stock in any decent hardware store, just cut to length and round the edges, and way cheaper also

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If it comes to it, I could loan you two.

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Ahh man that’s awesome of you, but I think making a few shouldn’t be too bad at all.(I say that now) Really appreciate the offer.

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