6354s, pulleys, and bkb mounts (SOLD)

Hey everyone, I got two 190kv 6354s and two bkb mounts (don’t fit great on standard caliber 2s)

I just upgraded to larger motors since I realized I could fit them

Motors have only been used for like 20 miles. I just “finished” my board, then was offered larger motors for a decent price, so I had to snatch em (I need to stop :upside_down_face:)


Asking 80 for the motors and 25 for the mounts

Or 100 for everything

(Can include some pulleys and keyways for an additional 15 bucks)

Are you kidding me :sob: just a few days ago my Flipsky 6354 motors arrived… Only difference: I paid 160 Eur

80 Dollars is such a steal!!!

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oof RIP, sry man.

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