6’ AT Tires and Pulley [US]

Looking for some 6” AT tires w/ hubs and two pulleys for a friend’s build. Can be used or new Don’t really care. Would also be clutch if they came with belts. Thanks guys

Tires only or hubs also?

Oh yeah hubs as well. I’ll fix that right now

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6’ or 6" :upside_down_face:


hi got just hubs and pulleys which i can do for cheap
you can get the tires on amazon or ebay

God I wish I could fit those on a build. I could run over those stupid nipples on the road without a single worry

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Can you PM me pictures?

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I have a 6in evolve AT setup with hubs and belts


Send me a pic. He was specifically looking for the evolve 6” but I let him know they weren’t going to be cheap

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Found one. Can the mods close this please