5565mm motor mounts

Hey guys,

Anybody got any Caliber 2 motor mounts for 55mm motors?

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Yea. I have a set that are foward only. No rear mounting. They tuck in tight like a boosted board. Are you bottom mounting your trucks or is it a drop through deck?


Bottom mounting

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Pm’d you

I might be interested in the exact same thing. Do you have another 2 by any chance or a link to where I can find them?

I tried to show one board that has a motor and another that doesnt. They can fit 55mm or 63mm motors so they are flexible for upgrades later on. Also I have upgraded all the hardware on the mounts. They are solid now. They came with crap and I just couldn’t stand not having nylock nuts. I have some belts if needed. I have three new mounts. 20.00 each. Belts 5.00 each. I have 5 sets of abec wheels . Red blue black and green with bearings and spacers if you need some wheels

I only need 4 mounts those both look perfect. I should be good on wheels. Those look great and that’s awesome you can upgrade them to bigger

You only need 4 . I only have 3.

Lol I read that wrong hahaha I thought you said pairs bro my bad

What’s your PayPal so I can buy the lot