4WD - whats a good min. battery output

so as Im dreaming up…i mean manifesting my next-next build Im wondering whats a good min. battery output target? Right now im running dual 6374s at 70amp battery max which is very sufficient… but at 4wd being more crazy 35 amp per motor i assume would be kinda unnecessary and could go lower no?

looking to build (in the end) 8", probably dual 6374s in the rear, kv/gearing tbd, and dual 6355 in the front…

so battery max at? 80? 100? 120?
capacity not a concern at this point :wink:

I mean power is power, if you like 70 battery amps then keep it at 70 battery amps unless you want more power

Edit: total battery amps shouldn’t change

as motors increase consumption should as well… or should it not?

I would have thought that you would need 140a out of the battery

nah im feeling like from what ive read it goes down… 2 is kicking as is… can u imagine 4 motors raging when 2 was enough?? so for an AWD the number should spread out across the 4…but u know with a lil bump for craziness =P