4WD MTB Build Plan and Journey

what’s the point of going 4wd if you are just gonna push 2 motors worth of power to 4 motors? wouldnt it be better to just go 2wd, and use better escs that can push 60+ motor amps each and save ]the cost of 2 motors and the extra weight? you would also save on the extra motor mounts, so you


Grip for both braking and acceleration will be better than the 2wd version. In slippery conditions you can be much more surefooted.


I want a 4WD for the exact reasons @BigBen mentioned in the message after yours:

Also having power in all 4 wheels off road is so much better to not get stuck.

It’s definitely going to be 4WD as this is the primary motive behind the build but I will consider switching to better v6 ESCs since that seems to be what a lot of people are recommending.