4WD MTB Build Plan and Journey

CURRENT STAGE: still in the process of finalizing the design and ordering parts, build has not started. Last Updated: Mar-04-2021

Hello everyone,

Not sure if a lot of you remember me, but I was rather active on this forum last year, but my activity kinda died down since June of last year. I’m back, however, with a renewed interest and a new and exciting build. My plan is to use this thread to describe my build, list parts, and get your valuable advise along the way.

Please feel free to comment or DM with any suggestions or ideas you might have. Also, if you have some parts you’re trying to sell, that I need for this build, feel free to PM me, I might be interested in giving you some business!

Brief Description:
A budget friendly 4WD mountain board powered by VESC based ESCs and LiPo batteries.

Parts List:


  1. I need to get bushings for those trucks that will make the ride a little stiffer on-road. The springs that come with these trucks cause too much wobble at high speeds, in my experience. I’m not sure what bushings I should get, some advise here would be great. (I weigh about 165 lbs and I’m 5’9").

  2. I’m not sure if 2 of the DV4 VESC based ESC from makerx-tech.com can be connected via CAN to make a 4wd? Anyone know this?

User-submitted feedback / guidance:

adding these to reduce wobble at higher speeds and achieve more stable carving. thanks @Kalitapaws


unsure if it fits into the budget, but maybe kaly or trampa barrels if they can fit in them trucks.


Those are a little outta budget tbh.

Do you think something like this would work?

its either those or trampa Dampa's

by those do you mean the MBS ones I linked or the Kaly ones that you previously linked?

your linked ones.

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You could probably downsize to 6354 motors. You’re not going to be missing out on much in terms of power since it’s already 4WD, and it’s going to be cheaper and lighter.


I’m able to get the 6374s for about 50 each shipped

my other option was to get the higher quality flipsky 6354s for $70 each shipped which I felt was significantly more expensive for a smaller size.

I’ve used the china 6374’s before and they’re not bad budget motors, the sensors are shit and they’re power is probably a little bit closer to a higher quality 6354, but they’re worth the price

@YUTW123 Hi David, are two of these ESCs able to connect via CAN to make a 4WD build?

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That’s how the CAN bus works. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please just give me a yes for peace of mind lol. I don’t wanna spend 250$ just to find out that I can’t hook em up together.

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I have no idea how they could make it so that would not be possible.

Perfectly straightforward.

In this fake senario PWM also exists :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, it can


@esk8god I personally wouldn’t go with V4 ESC in 4wd where you will pull a lot of current. V6 design is much better. Especially when using 12s.
Just my advice to shell out more for V6, where you’ll have a much lower chance of blowing a DRV.

You might argue that with 4wd you will have the current divided by 2 per ESC so they will be under less “stress”. That I agree, but still a 4wd is meant for offroading so you are going to use it as such I hope :crazy_face:

I know people have run 13s on focboxes but to me that’s just luck.


Thank you for the advise. That’s what I was thinking originally, but then again I’m not planning to push more than 30 battery amps per side on each ESC, so I feel like a V6 would be a little overkill.

Also do you think if I switched to 10s the v4s would work?

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Well if this is the case then sure I see no problems. Bu 30a is really low. Even the old evolve boards did 50a.

If you go 10s, I know I’d feel much safer on V4.
I just had a bad experience with focboxes blowing up a DRV on 12s pulling no more than 50A on a flat road. Ever since I got ESCapes which are V6 hardware I’ve never had an issue. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My experience is my own, many people run 12s on V4, but I’m running a big MTB and I saw the result very quickly with big tires and a heavy board


Okay, from what you’re saying, I feel like with 30amps @ 10s, I might just not have a board that would be powerful enough.

With the LiPos i’m looking at, if I switched up to the V6, I’d be able to push 50A on each side @ 12s. I think that’s plenty powerful, even for offroading. I will look into it!

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Also, I’m thinking about switching to maybe a chain drive instead of belts, since stuff like snow / gravel / grass can get stuck in belts (from previous experience).

Does anyone know of any chain drive kits that are compatible with the components listed in the main post?

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No, I said you can use V4 @12s if you are only using 30a, just be aware 30a is not huge, like you won’t be taking full advantage of your setup, especially since you are using lipos.

That’s your choice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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honestly, right now, I’m planning to keep the V4 and do 10s @ 30a and switch to Lions. Looking at a 10s8p pack of 30Qs possibly.