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4WD - 4 x 6374 Motors vs 4 x 6389 Motors - Will there be any noticeable acceleration difference, or will traction prevent it?


I’m deciding on motors for a 4WD build.

Going to gear them 4:1 on 200x50 Kenda K-909 street tires.

I’m trying to decide between using 190kv 6374 motors, and 190kv 6389 motors.

I know that on paper acceleration would be better with the 6389s, but would wheel slip prevent any noticeable improvement in proformance?

If anyone has experience with boards of this caliber, I’d really appreciate any advice!


paging @ahrav for those 63100 4wd setup :crazy_face:


I doubt you will be able to achieve wheel slip with either. I think 6374s will be sufficient. Especially if they are from torqueboards


Yeaaaa only wheel slip I’ve encountered was on thane… you should be more than fine on AT. Butttt I would always say go big or go home :doughnut::penguin::call_me_hand:

So my opinion is biased as shit :beers:


True that :point_up:t3:


wheel slip on a 4wd? you achieve that and we shall bestow apon you the title of Keiichi Tsuchiya.


Was thinking of using the Lacroix ones - are Torque Boards ones better?

Sorry I took so long to reply - Apparently the amount of replies you can make within 24hrs of account creation is capped lol.

I’ve been under the impression the stator size on the 89/96’s is very similar in size to an 80mm can, but with the added outer bearing a normal eskate bldc motor doesn’t have for a bit more strength or lifespan or whatever.


You’re probably right, but on the spec sheet of the motors it says the 6389 has a max current of 80a vs the 6374s max of 65. Its also about 1kw more powerful. I’d assume that counts for something even if its not huge.

What motor mounts are you planning on using? If I’m not mistaking Lacroix’s 6389s only fit their own hyper truck mounts


I was planning on using Moon’s helical gear drives - do all lacroix motors have non standard bolt patterns or something, or is it just the 6389?

Just 6389s.

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I assume you are speaking of lacroix branded motors.

I run my 4wd 6389s on same kendas, my gearing ratio is 18:44 On 200mm tires. That’s 2.44:1.

I weight 170s 1bs. There is enough torque snap belts on streets during racing launches.

Honestly, 4wd 6374s felt similar if You tuned everything right, weigh under 220, and are staying on streets.

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Lacroix/maytech have 10mm shafts so you need to make sure he has a 10mm shaft option for the helical motor gear. He did when I asked for straight cut, but only in higher tooth count.


Which 6389s do you use?

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Get TB6380, you will never regret that decision


My reasoning for going with the lacroix ones was that they are apparently sealed and splash resistant or something - do you think there’s any real benefit to having that compared to the open design of the TB motors?

Same Thing with new Tb 6380s


Oh cool, thanks for the info!

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Honestly. @Skyart said everything there is to be said. 6380s will do you good.
If I were you I wouldn’t waste my time with anything else “specially Maytech 6396s”
I believe that tb6380s are also more powerful than maytech 6396s

Or maybe you wanna look into flipsky 6384s. New model became available not long ago. They’re nice and already factory battle hardened at an amazing price.