$40/£32/€36.5 - Focbox/Unity Heatsink

First thread that relates to sales :slight_smile:

I will be making a few heatsinks because I know a few friends need one, anyone else interested. I can sell them for $40/£32/€36.5

Just checking if anyone needs some, I did offer this to people last year but didnt have the time to make them.


stoked! :metal:


Sweet. What are the dimensions? I’ve focboxes


Might be able to get different colours if theres any special requests


Black or grey. We recently anodised an aluminium cylinder in grey. Turned out very nice

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Probably best to stick with all black then :slight_smile:

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Yeah I agree. Keeps the cost down with only one option aswell

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I take one. I don’t know when I gonna use it but the price is ok :smile:

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PM your paypal emails. :slight_smile:

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Haha that was a fast reaction :laughing: But wait… It is the opposite of that of from @3DServisas

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??? 10ccccc

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The mount from @3DServisas can you mount inside with those fins outside.

Your mount is to mount fully outside and with the mounting side from the unity to the inside.

If you understand what I wanna say.


I think I understand, I did it so you can have it mounted without needing an adapter

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With this many fins does it even qualify as a heatsink anymore?

Also big fan of the holes in the last picture. The right ones look just right.

@moon Congratulations, you are the genius of the day. :slight_smile:


They are being made anyway, like at the start of the thread they are made for my friends. If anyone else needs some they know how to reach me


Damn straight he is. And he produces excellent quality stuff.

If I could have a 100% @moonboard I would. I’ve pledged my first born to him already (without him knowing) to be free labor for anything he wants done.

I respect the hell out of @moon and what he is doing for our community. He doesn’t price gouge, he doesn’t talk shit, he just designs and produces really cool shit that we ask for.

Keep it up man!


So it fits focboxes and unity?

If so I’m in… I was looking for something like this just in case my unity fails at 13s…

@sender willing to install it?


Why all the hostility? He’s just trying to make some stuff that folks want. His has the added benefit of being for both dual FocBox’s and the Unty, plus the lip is on the correct side.


I will, won’t say I am over the moon about it. Also matters how the enclosure is set up.