4 Years Later / HAYA / UNITY /HUMMIE HUBS /13S4P VTC6

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share with you really quickly this build that has been waiting for years in my garage to be done.

  • Hummies Hubs ( First Batch )
  • 13S4P VTC6 / 80 Amps Daly smart BMS
  • HAYA V1 Deck
  • ABEC Centrax
  • Paris Trucks

Couple of pictures

I am just waiting for the BMS and i’ll finish the installation :slight_smile:


Me toooooooo! I’m FINALLY building on my v1 haya. Got it just before Christmas 2018 haha. I’ll defo make a build thread for mine too. This is gonna be an amazing build man.
I’m seeing 52 cells in there. What’s gonna be your batt config? What kinda BMS?
Edit: ahhhhh 13s. Derp, missed it.


Welcome back! And to a new beginning!

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I have ordered this BMS.
I used it a lot in the past for ebikes and other projects with much more power.
It’s a really good an reliable BMS with connectivity perks.
I will look into how link the UART BMS out to the VESC

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That’s a BIG BOI

Yup at first I wanted to do actually a 13S4P with 21700 but would only have space for a mini BMS with discharge bypass.
I decided to go the security way :slight_smile:

I cannot count the number of packs I destroyed with poor balancing.


Why not use an LLT smart BMS? Between bypassed Daly and those, that is what most people are using.

this is massive and probably won’t fit in the space u have in the haya, also, 13s on unity? i see u like to live on the danger side :joy:

It should actually fit perfectly inside.
If not it’s ok I will just use it for another project.

13S should be fine if programmed properly, max voltage of 13S is 54.6 volt and I will charge the battery to 52 V to avoid high Voltage spikes that could damage the ESC.
Wish me luck !

Every electric powered system I use today is in 48V so it is just easier for me to stay the same battery wise so I can use the same chargers.


I use this specific Daly to avoir bypassing IT.
If I want to bypass any cheap 13S BMS will Do.


I just figured since you said balancing was your issue a smart BMS would solve that and you could bypass for discharge.

Had a bit of time to do a couple of things :

Built the battery - BMS not arrived yet -
Installed the trucks - will add risers as there is wheel bite
I just have to do a couple of holes for on/off and charge port

Build almost done !

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As someone who has suffered cheap BMS failures, I respectfully disagree. Spend the extra few bucks and get a good BMS and not some amazon offbrand.

I pointed out earlier that I don’t cheap out on BMS cause I have killed too many packs
I have bought a really good one

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