3SK8esk8 - VESC 6 based hardware for sale

I’ve been buying these ESCs based on vesc 6 hardware in bulk for my builds and they’ve been working out really well for me. They have nice heat-sink enclosures and are more compact than other vesc 6 that I have worked with. So they have a small footprint if you want to stack them up for a dual drive. It say that the esc is only good for 3-12s but I use it with a 13s system and I’ve never had a problem. I’ve included some metr pro data for a bench test and slow climb. The one thing that I don’t like about them is that they use JST PH 1.5mm connectors. Because of this you have to make adaptors for just about everything. You can find them here https://3sk8esk8.com/electric-speed-controller-based-on-vesc-6/ I’m selling them for $125 + shipping.



Lol, dude your ruler is broken. Most of us can’t read that gibberish :joy:

Are the phase wires silicone wires?


Whatcha selling them all for?


Not a bad price. What’s the continuous current rating?

I just have extras. It’s the end of the season here in Colorado.

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Interested in knowing more… would you cut me a deal on 4, local pickup?

They claim 120A. I haven’t tested that though. I run a 48v system with them. My peak current is usually no more than 75A and continuous is 25A. They’ve been working really well at that level.

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@RyEnd Sure. You in Denver?

you won’t be selling these on a regular basis? You getting rid of your existing stock and that’s it?

Changed the title to avoid you an unfriendly visit


Thank you. I didn’t want to anger anyone.


Sure am. Any way we could get a pic of it opened up?

Yeah, I can crack one open tomorrow morning.

Is it 11x11x3cm approx? Wish you a fair sale!

Do you have solder touching a component?


Sorry for the shitty screenshot but are all those cold solders? Are they even soldered on?

@Jujo They are all soldered PHT.
@Flasher No it’s just a bad picture angle.

The ESC in the picture has done some work. It functions properly. You can check all of the parameters listed above to see what I’ve done with these VESCs. I’ve been working with them for almost a year now and they’ve performed really well for my uses. Using the data that I provided, you can see if these will work with your project. It’s likely that they could be pushed a bit harder. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I first found these on Alibaba, but they’ve done well. I was using flipsky VESC 6. These have performed just as well for me. Additonally, they’re quite a bit smaller and less expensive.

The company that makes these doesn’t really have English-speaking customer service. Which could certainly be viewed as a negative, but I found it to be just like other VESCs that I’ve used. If you have problems, everything you need to know is on the forums.

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@tomiboi @anorak234. We should get together for a ride if the snow holds off any.


I’m down. @Argent will probably want in too. Only got a 10s2p board working right now tho so idk how long it’ll be

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